A beautiful girl was drugged and fucked all night in a hotel by her ex-lover

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Remu and Yoichi are co-workers, they have been dating for a while and are about to get married. At this time, Odagiri from the sales department, who is also Remu's ex-boyfriend, asked her to go on a business trip with him. Since Remu was the one recording this mission, she agreed. It turns out that the two of them loved each other very much before. Odagiri even showed Remu a scene of her and him having sex in the director's office! Because she was about to get married, Remu didn't want to get involved with Odagiri, but what she didn't expect was that this ex-boyfriend bought a powerful aphrodisiac and secretly put it in her glass of wine. Not only that, he only booked a hotel room so she spent the night with him. And then he started to take over her seductive body. Even though she repeatedly told him to stop, Remu's body still felt extremely hot. Her nipples and cunt became extremely sensitive and her mind went blank. And Remu and he made love all night long, she continued to take more of the aphrodisiac he gave her. After Remu was completely unconscious, he took a photo and gave it back to Remu's fiance to take. But when he arrived, it was too late, Remu was no longer conscious. After a while, Remu just sat there and didn't talk to anyone. Yoichi is still taking care of her at the hospital. But one day, he suddenly couldn't see Remu anymore. Even though he didn't want to believe it was true, he still had to run to Odagiri's house. As soon as he opened the door, all hope was gone.

A beautiful girl was drugged and fucked all night in a hotel by her ex-lover
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 Actor: Remu Suzumori